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Internet business has been increasing exponentially for quite some time now. Those who realized the potential of internet business and invested in it are now making millions with very little spending. Online businesses are collectively called the eCommerce industry. This means that it is treated the same as the commerce industry, but the only difference is that it is electronic.

What is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce is not a new concept and now has been here since more than a decade. Many people develop websites that help them do online business while keeping the costs very less as compared to the on ground business cost. Nowadays, apart from professional and giant companies, many small scale or home based users are also trying to get into the Ecommerce business. This calls for the need of a cheap infrastructure that can help an average user to start an Ecommerce business.

We know that the most important factor in Ecommerce is having a good website. The quality of website can be judged by its loading time, uptime, design and some other features. Most of these are actually dependent on the type of web hosting service that has been purchased by the user. Having a good quality site and maintaining it is critical to a successful Ecommerce business.

Platforms for Hosting Ecommerce Sites:

There are a number of companies that provide web hosting service for Ecommerce sites. As most of you would know, WordPress is a very good blogging platform but does not stand out when specifically Ecommerce sites are considered. Ecommerce sites mostly use the Zen Cart, Cube Cart, Google Checkout or OsCommerce Shopping Cart platform. The users of these platforms would know that sites designed using them are sleek and stylish.

Ecommerce Web Hosting Plans

Many of you might be searching for a plan for your ECommerce site. Although there are thousands of plans available that you can choose from but there is a special plan from that we will discuss. The plan allows you to use all of the above mentioned platforms and additionally gives you an SSL certificate so that you can safely make transactions on your site. The plan only costs $7.95/month and gives you unlimited bandwidth and capacity. It also gives you free domain name and an ability to run 6 sites on the same hosting server. also gives you $100 advertising credit with the plan. This would mean that your money is actually refunded when you are advertising for your store using Google ads.

Recommendation for Best Ecommerce Web Hosting Providers:

There are other web hosting companies too apart from the above mentioned one that provide high quality services with compatible platforms to fulfill all the needs of your Ecommerce website. To make it easier for you to find the best choice for you, be it on the facilities you need and budget, as well as the performance, it is suggested to visit different forums related to webmaster. Ask questions on those forums and you will get various responds directly from the users who already have the experiences with the hosting provider.

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